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Treatments for Proteinuria in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-03-03 23:34| Font Size A A A

Treatments for Proteinuria in Children with Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome refers to a group of disorders mainly featured by proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia. It can occur in both children and adults. However, what should patients do if there is proteinuria in children with nephrotic syndrome?

In western medicine, steroid treatment is commonly used to treat this condition. Under certain circumstances, children can get a complete remission. Generally, when this occurs, the doses of drugs can be reduced rapidly.

However, when there are some allergic reactions, such as, cold, infections, feverish illness, the condition is more likely to relapse. Besides, relapses can occur when the prednisone dose is reduced or the treatment is terminated. And the relapse rate is as high as 75%.

Plagued by this problem, patients always ask themselves, are there some other treatments for proteinuria in children with nephrotic syndrome?

To patients’ delight, traditional Chinese medicine can be such a reliable choice, which has more than 5000 years of history and is proven to be effective in treating protein in urine.

Here, we mainly talk about an innovation of TCM named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This natural treatment aims at repairing the injured renal cells and promoting kidney function from the underlying cause. What’s more, it is easy to be operated, comfortable and free of side effects. In this way, proteinuria can be well managed, and it can not relapse easily. For detailed info(cost, herbal formula and so on), please email the test report immediately. Then you will get a satisfied answer within 24 hours.

Additionally, a reasonable diet is also necessary to decrease the burden of kidneys. For example, control the consumption of sodium strictly; limit the intake of protein within 0.6-0.8g/kg per day, meanwhile, some high-quality protein foods are also necessary. Wanna to get more tips? Do not forget that our Live Doctor is always here to help.

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