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Nephrotic Syndrome with Proteinuria and Swelling:Ideas on What I Can Do

2013-10-16 14:18| Font Size A A A

Nephrotic syndrome is often accompanied by severe proteinuria and a high degree of swelling. These bring serious damage to patients’ body and mind. In addition to pay more attention to them in life, the key point is taking an effective treatment. Thus, are there any ideas for Nephrotic Syndrome with proteinuria and swelling?

Nephrotic syndrome includes two types of primary nephrotic syndrome and secondary nephrotic syndrome. The cause of primary nephrotic syndrome is very pure. Its treatment is also very easy. But secondary nephrotic syndrome is caused by systemic disease or other reasons. Nephrotic syndrome can be cured, but its premise is to select a right treatment method. Various treatments produce different rehabilitative effects.

Therapies, such as Dialysis and kidney transplant, will not be mentioned in this text. Their advantages and disadvantages are needless to say for they are no more familiar to us.

Next, I will introduce a new developed treatment for nephrotic syndrome with proteinuria and swelling. It is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy combines the prescriptions owned by TCM and modern medical technology to repair kidney damages and improve kidney function quickly. In the past 27 years, it has saved thousands of nephrotic syndrome families. According to patient’s own condition, the TCM experts will find the right herbal formula of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. However, not everyone will surely get such a good effects from it. If you want to know whether this therapy is suitable for you or not, please email you basic condition to and we will give you a reply within 48 hours.

A lot of friends are suffering from this disease. During illness, it is life and help from friends taught them to be strong. They are certain to conquer the disease finally.

Wish them get well soon!

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