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Can Nephrotic Syndrome with Kidney Failure Stop Dialysis

2013-10-05 11:29| Font Size A A A

Nephrotic Syndrome will finally develop into kidney failure with the illness worsens. So it is very important to prevent the illness from developing. Dialysis is often the method to nephrotic syndrome with kidney failure. However, many patients are searching for the alternative methods considering the adverse effects and complications that dialysis brings. Can nephrotic syndrome with kidney failure stop dialysis?

One will be diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome by the four findings:

A large amount of proteinuria


Heavy edema


These symptoms are the most powerful evidences of nephrotic syndrome. If you happen to find these symptoms, you should receive treatment immediately, if not, the illness will continuously deteriorating to kidney failure. At present, there is no very effective treatment for kidney failure. Dialysis is the mostly used method to alleviate the symptoms.

Dialysis applied to nephrotic syndrome with kidney failure.

When the illness has turned to kidney failure, dialysis is always adopted to cope with the symptoms. One only has 15% of kidney function when kidney failure attacked. It cannot maintain the normal activity of the body. High creatinine level will appear due to the buildup of the creatinine in the blood. If the waste product cannot be discharged out of the blood, it will threaten the life of the patients. So to help kidney do the filter job, dialysis is applied. However, many patients complain about the discomfort of dialysis. Can nephrotic syndrome with kidney failure stop dialysis?

The alternative of dialysis to nephrotic syndrome with kidney failure.

The kidney experts have developed a new therapy based on the traditional Chinese medicine. It is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Different from the traditional oral medicine, it is externally used. The final goal it will achieve is to improve kidney function by repairing kidney lesions and rebuilding kidney structure. This therapy is known as convenient and safe. It is with no side-effect.

With this therapy, "can nephrotic syndrome with kidney failure stop dialysis" is not a big question. You can gradually shorten the interval of dialysis and finally stop dialysis. If you have any interest, you can leave a message below or email us to, there will be detailed reply!

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