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Nephrotic Syndrome

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Nephrotic Syndrome with Dialysis

2013-10-05 09:57| Font Size A A A

Nephrotic Syndrome is a series of metabolic disorder. It is a progressive disease. The illness will progress into kidney failure with the deterioration of the condition. When kidney failure happens, dialysis is often the coping approach. Is nephrotic syndrome with dialysis necessary?

The symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.

There are many manifestations to judge whether patients have developed into nephrotic syndrome or not. High level of protein in urine is the most evident symptom. It is also diagnosed by heavy swelling, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipemia. With these symptoms, you are often attacked by nephrotic syndrome.

Why these symptoms occur?

Kidney functions as a blood cleaner by filtrating the waste and toxins. It also works to keep balance of water and sodium and protect the protein from leaking out of the blood vessel. When the kidney is damaged, the waste product and toxins will build up in the blood and the protein cannot be kept in the blood and filtered through urine. This is why high level of protein in urine occurs. One of the function of the protein in blood is to keep water within the blood vessel. When the protein in blood drops, water will leaks out to other parts of the kidney tissues, causing swelling. Low protein in blood causes pypoalbuminemia.

Dialysis with nephrotic syndrome.

When these symptoms become serious, other complications will come into being. To relieve the symptoms, dialysis is always the first choice for many patients with nephrotic syndrome with kidney failure.

Dialysis functions as the artificial kidney to replace part of the jobs that kidney loses. Through a dialysis machine, the waste products will be removed from the blood and at the same time, some nutrition substance will be supplied to keep balance of the internal environment. Just as we know that every coin has two sides, dialysis also have some disadvantages. It will bring many side-effects. If there are some discomfortable feeling during or after dialysis, you should talk to your doctor in time to reduce the risk of dialysis.

If you are patients with nephrotic syndrome, you need to select the right treatment. Nephrotic syndrome with dialysis is necessary in some emergent situations. But there is a better choice for you. Mico-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended for you. If you are curious about it, you can contact the online doctors or leave a message below, it is our pleasure to help you!

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