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Nephrotic Syndrome

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Stem Cell Therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome

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Stem Cell Therapy for Nephrotic SyndromeStem Cell Therapy has been the one of innovated kidney disease treatments along with the development of medical technology and progress of research. Here, we will talk about the topic about stem cell therapy for patients with nephrotic syndrome. Any questions, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to and we will do our best to help you.

What is stem cell therapy?

The therapy is also known as stem cell transplant. Generally speaking, stem cells are s are characterized by their capacity for self-renewal and ability to differentiate into specialized cell types. Therefore, it is usually used to treat or prevent a disease or condition.

How does it work for Nephrotic Syndrome?

Stem cell is primitive cell that has the potential ability of self replication and multi-directional differentiation, that is to say, stem cell is the origin of the body. In the treatment, the doctor uses healthy stem cells to transplant into the patients, so as to repair damaged cells and rebuild organ structure. That’s to say, the healthy stem cells can replace the necrotic cells to do the normal job, so as to improve renal function for kidney disease patients.

Well then, when do I use the therapy?

To be franks, if you are in the early stage of kidney disease, we do not suggest the therapy to you. Because it is possible to enhance the kidney cells’ self-handling ability in the early stage through other effective treatments. Besides, the cost of the treatment is also high. Therefore, if illness conditions do not progresses into end stage renal disease or kidney failure, we do not suggest the therapy to patients.

Where I can get the therapy?

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, as the one of largest kidney disease specialized hospitals in China, it has advanced test facilities, professional kidney experts, the specialized stem cell center and professional nurses, etc. Here, many foreign patients who come from 100 countries regain the health and live a normal life.

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