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Ammonia Odor with Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-10-08 14:11| Font Size A A A

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of metabolic disorder characterized by glomerular damage. Ammonia with nephrotic syndrome is a manifestation of kidney damage especially the glomerular damage.

The main signal of nephrotic syndrome is the high level of protein in urine. Normally, the protein will be absorbed by our body and only slight amount of protein will be leaked out through urine. When large amount of protein appear in urine, it often indicates kidney problem, especially the glomerular problem. This is because the glomerular is the main part of filtration system, it can keep protein in the blood. When one of the major function of glomerular is to filtrate wastes and toxins out to keep healthy.

When there are problems in glomerular, it will not be able to discharge the wastes and toxins out of our body and they will accumulate in the blood. Ammonia is the breakdown product of urea, which is the toxins of our body. The excessive urea will diffuse into intestinal tract from the blood. Under the action of gut bacteria urea enzyme, urea can be decomposed to ammonia. The extra ammonia will be discharged from oral cavity. This is the one cause of ammonia odor. With nephrotic syndrome, urea will also increase in saliva and ammonia is produced in saliva after degradation. This is the direct cause to ammonia odor with nephrotic syndrome. Besides, the increased urea will enter into lung through pulmonary circulation and the ammonia will be discharged out through breath.

So we cannot ignore the slight changes of out body and these changes be the risk indicators of kidney disease. Ammonia odor with nephrotic syndrome is the commonly seen. When you find you are with ammonia odor, you should go to hospital to do tests to see whether it is caused by urea elevation. You can contact the online doctors and talk about your condition, they will give some useful suggestions.

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