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Nephrotic Syndrome

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What are the Symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome

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Nephrotic Syndrome(NS) is not an independent disease but a condition caused by a group of diseases which damage the glomerular basement membrane. The symptoms of nephrotic syndrome is evident.

Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by a large amount of proteinuria, which is also the basic pathophysiological mechanisms of nephrotic syndrome. You may ask that to what extent can proteinuria called a large amount of proteinuria. Here is a measuring standard, when the protein is over 3.5g per day for adult and 50mg per day for children , it is called a large amount of proteinuria. In the normal circumstance, glomerular has the function of mechanical barrier and electrostatic, which can prevent protein from leaking out. When the glomerular is damaged, the permeability of glomerular membrane is increased and the protein will occur in urine.

In addition, all that can cause the pressure to glomerular, high perfusion and high filtration can increase the excretion of proteinuria, such as high blood pressure, high-protein dite and plasma protein infusion.

Hypoproteinemia is another symptom of nephrotic syndrome. When plasma albumin is lower than 30g/L, it is called hypoproteinemia. Because a large amount of protein is lost through urine, hypoproteinemia occurs

Swelling is also a common symptom of nephrotic syndrome. It is caused by hypoproteinemia and water-sodium retention, which lead to the transfer of fluid from vascular to interstitial compartment. It is initially appears in face, eyelids, and the lower libs.

Besides the above three symptoms, hyperlipidemia also indicates nephrotic syndrome.

Hyperlipidemia can increase glomerular sclerosis.

Treatment for nephrotic syndrome is needed if you have any of these symptoms.

-keep blood pressure in the normal range.

-Have a low-protein diet.

-Low-sodium intake is helpful to reduce swelling.

-Supply enough vitamin.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy plays an important role in repairing kidney lesions and improving kidney functions.

You should take measures according to the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome and find the underlying causes. If you have any problem, you can leave a message below!

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