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Swelling in Children Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-07-04 23:56| Font Size A A A

Swelling in Children Nephrotic Syndrome

Children in nephrotic syndrome are prone to have swelling around eyelid, in the belly or legs. This makes parents very worried and annoyed. Here we will explain how swelling is caused and how to treat it effectively.

How does this disease cause swelling?

Deposition of fluid and sodium

Due to kidney damage and decreased renal function, impaired kidneys can not discharged a large amount of fluid and sodium. In this case, water and sodium retention will induce edema.


Edema is alway accompanied with proteinuria. The severer the proteinuria, the severer the edema.

Through the above analysis, we can see that the primary reason is that kidney fails to work adequately. In view of this point, parents should find an effective treatment that can repair damaged kidney for their children.

Then, how to remit swelling?

As parents, you must be cautious when you cook. Because excessive fluid and salt intake will worsen illness condition. you’d better consult a kidney expert for how much water you can ingest in a day.

Diuretics, such as alsactazide, aldactone and oral spironolactone, are also associated with eliminating edema, but if not used properly, they will cause lots of unnecessary side effects. Therefore, Nephrotic Syndrome patients need to use these medicines under the direction of their doctors.

Compared with diuretics, Chinese medicine therapy is widely used in remove numerous symptoms and treating various kidney diseases. Medicated bath is popular with most children. It is a natural and safe methods to remit edema. Children can sit down the tub which is permeated into Chinese herbs and solution. On the one hand, effective ingredients of Chinese herbs can enter into kidney lesions, and they can repair damaged kidney tissues and cells, on the other hand, the solution can expand blood vessels and promote blood circulation. It is very convenient and you can do it at your home.

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