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Nephrotic Syndrome and Joint Swelling

2014-05-22 18:08| Font Size A A A

Nephrotic Syndrome and Joint SwellingFor Nephrotic Syndrome patients, they are no strangers to joint swelling. Here, you can learn about the causes and treatments in detail:

Causes of joint swelling in nephrotic syndrome:

☆ Loss of protein

In normal case, the filtering unitis(glomeruli) are responsible for the preservation of useful substances like protein. However, in nephrotic syndrome, the glomeruli become inflammed and thickened. Thereby, large amount of protein will leak into urine, resulting in proteinuria.

Accompanied with loss of protein, the plasma colloid osmotic pressure will decrease, then fluid will flow from endovasclar into interstitial space, leading to joint swelling.

☆ Water-sodium retention

In addition to filtering wastes, they can also help maintain the balance of body fluid. As the glomeruli is injured, excess water and sodium may accumulate in the body. And this is another cause of joint swelling.

Except forjoints, edema can also spread to other parts of the body. When the lung is involved, pulmonary swelling may come into being. In this case, patients’ life will be put at risk.

What can patients do to treat joint swelling?

1. Intake of water To prevent joint swelling from deteriorating, they should adjust the water intake accrordingly.

2. Usage of diuretics In clinic, different types of diuretics will be used to alleviate this symptom.

3. Follow a low salt diet For people with this disorder, they are requested to limit the salt intake strictly(2g-3g per day).

4. Repair damaged kidney structures To treat this abnormal sign radically, the fundamental way is to repair damaged kidney structures. At our center, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be applied to deal with this problem. Once injured kidney structures are restored, joint swelling will disappear.

If you happen to be a nephrotic syndrome patient with joint swelling, we sincerely hope the above info can be helpful. Any queries? Please leave us message

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