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How to Reduce Proteinuria and Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-05-21 01:49| Font Size A A A

How to Reduce Proteinuria and Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome Proteinuria and edema are very common in Nephrotic Syndrome patients. What can they do to relieve these symptoms?

How do these symptoms happen?


Generally, there are three common reasons of edema in nephrotic syndrome:

1. When kidneys suffer damage, there will be a decline on glomerular filtration rate---kidneys fail to filter the excess water out of patients’ body.

2. If there is little protein in blood, the osmotic pressure will decrease, so water will move from blood to tissues. Edema will occur.

3. When kidneys suffer anoxia and ischemia, the RASS will be activated. Aldosterone, which acts on kidney, can aggravate water sodium retention.


Anoxia and ischemia or deposits of immune complexes can cause damage to glomeruli. When the charge barrier gets impaired, protein will leak in urine.

The above two symptoms are just indicators of kidney damage. Therefore, taking timely treatments is very necessary for nephrotic syndrome patients.

Western medicines

Some diuretics can help reduce edema, while most of them have side-effects and some may cause damage to kidney.

ACEI and ARBS can reduce proteinuria and cause not damage to kidney, while it only treat the symptom can prevent the condition from the root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy not only helps ease these symptoms, but treat the underlying cause---kidney damage.

This therapy can control the primary disease through personalized medicine formula. Medicines in this therapy are all natural herb, which can help restore the damage tissues. And the active ingredients in the medicine can boost the self-cure ability of kidney to rebuild kidney structure. Once kidney can function normally, the above symptoms can be largely eased. If you have any doubts about this therapy, you can leave a message below. We will reply in 24 hours.

We hope nephrotic syndrome patients can get some useful information from the above contents to reduce proteinuria and edema.

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