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Nephrotic Syndrome Diet

What Does Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Need on Diet

As we all know, all kidney diseases patients are required to develop a proper and scientific diet plan so as to control the progression of illness condition. Well then, what does Nephrotic Syndrome patient need on diet?...Read More

Can We Eat Litchi in Nephrotic Syndrome

Can we eat litchi in nephrotic syndrome? This is a common question among kidney disease patients. As we all know, a balanced diet can slow the disease progression and improve your overall health. The patients should be cautious in selecting...Read More

Diet to Prevent Kidney Stones in Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome patients are easy preys of the disease kidney stone, so, for these patients, they should make some preventive measures in their daily life. The following diet can help patients a lot in this aspect. Drink more water: If s...Read More

Are Green Leafy Vegetables Good for Nephrotic Syndrome

Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients are suggested to eat more green leafy vegetables, but are all these vegetables good for them? After reading this article, you can learn about its benefits and what kinds of vegetables are good choices for yo...Read More

Foods Needed by Patients with Minimal Change Disease

Minimal Change Disease (MCD) is one disorder in which a lot of protein leaks into urine. To deal with this kidney disease, a healthy diet can do a lot. Today, we are here to introduce foods needed by Minimal Change Disease patients. Kidney...Read More

Low Protein Diet for Nephrotic Syndrom

Normally, patients with nephrotic syndrome who do not start dialysis or kidney transplant are recommended to eat a low proptein diet. Do you know why will they be asked so? This passage is going to give you an answer! Proteinuria is one of...Read More

Can Diet Reduce Creatinine Of 2.5 for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Actually, for every Nephrotic Syndrome patient, especially for those with high creatinine levels, they should pay more attention to every aspect in their daily life than the normal people, especially diet. For Nephrotic Syndrome patients wi...Read More

Is Pear Good For Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Just like apple, banana, pear is also a common fruit and loved by many people due to its delicious tastes. But it is not suitable for all the people. As we all know that for nephrotic syndrome patients, they usually have a strict diet requi...Read More