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Is It Okay to Drink Some Cocoa or Chocolate Drinks for Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-07-26 14:03| Font Size A A A

Is It Okay to Drink Some Cocoa or Chocolate Drinks for Nephrotic Syndrome Chocolate or cocoa drinking spreads all over the word to make people refresh themselves. However, for people with Nephrotic Syndrome, they have to consider a while due to dietary restrictions. If you happen to chocolate drink’s lover with nephrotic syndrome, one question you must be concerned: is it okay to drink cocoa or chocolate drinks for you?

Actually, chocolate or cocoa is regarded as the valuable cardiotonic and diuretic, which can activate the proteolytic enzymes and be digestive. Here, if you think cocoa or chocolate drinks are good for patients with the condtions, then, you are wrong. Why? Please go on reading.

To be more accurate, nephrotic syndrome is a group of symptoms in clinic caused by various reasons. The performances are mainly included: Proteinuria, Hypoproteinemia, Edema and HLP(hyperlipidaemia). In the conditions, it’s my duty to tell you that it is not suitable for patients to drink cocoa and chocolate drinks.

Chocolate belongs to the high-calorie foods that is harmful to the kidneys, especially the damaged kidneys. The high calorie will increase the renal burden and make the hyperlipidaemia worse. On the other hand, oxalic acid in chocolate will promote the forming of renal stone. And the high fat in it will also exacerbate the damaged renal function. So the patients with NS had better not eat chocolate for their body healthy. In addition, cocoa belongs to high-phosphorus food, eating high-phosphorus foods can have serious, long-term consequences if people have Nephrotic Syndrome and any other kidney diseases. If the serum phosphorus levels exceed 5.5 mg/dL, doctor may recommend that people stay away from cocoa and other high-phosphorus foods. However, if the phosphorus levels are normal, there is no need to avoid chocolate and cocoa.

However, only depending on dietary regulations, it is not enough to repair kidney damage from the root. To know more natural medical treatments, it is important to leave a message below directly or email to us at and we will do our best to help you.

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