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Is Pear Good For Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

2013-11-30 16:18| Font Size A A A

Is Pear Good For Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsJust like apple, banana, pear is also a common fruit and loved by many people due to its delicious tastes. But it is not suitable for all the people. As we all know that for nephrotic syndrome patients, they usually have a strict diet requirement. Is pear good for nephrotic syndrome patients ? If you or your relatives are a patient with nephrotic syndrome, this question may confused you for a long time. But don’t be anxious. Generally speaking, to judge whether a patient can consume a certain fruit is mainly decided by this fruit’s own nutrition and health benefits. Please read on and you will benefit a lot from the following content.

Is pear good for nephrotic syndrome patients ?

1. Lower high cholesterol: high cholesterol level in the body is a common symptom in nephrotic syndrome. If left uncontrolled, it is more likely to cause various serious complications. According to the studies, the fiber in one pear is 5.5g. Well, what is the effect of fiber for nephrotic syndrome patients? Actually, fiber in your diet is important for eliminating excess cholesterol through the digestive tract and providing bulk in foods that satisfy hunger and discourage excessive eating and snacking. Therefore, if you are a nephrotic syndrome patient with high cholesterol level, pear is highly recommended but not the more the better.

2. Lower high blood pressure: high blood pressure is a big risk for nephrotic syndrome patient. If controlled badly, it may aggravate the illness condition greatly. Here, pear plays an important role in helping avoid high blood pressure and thus get rid of kidney failure.

3. Boost immune system: for nephrotic syndrome patient, they are usually accompanied with disordered immune system. The anti-oxidant nutritions in pear such as vitamin C and copper that are critical to build up immune system.

To be honest, there is no a certain answer to these similar questions because the illness condition varies from person to person. Of course, if you want to know the personalized suggestions, please send your check report to immediately, we will design a specialized diet plan just for you.

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