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Diet and Fitness for Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-08-24 17:42| Font Size A A A

Diet and Fitness for Nephrotic SyndromeHealthy eating plan and physical activity play significant roles in treating Nephrotic Syndrome. They may help you reduce symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome and slow its progression. So, the followings are suggestions about healthy diet and proper exercises:

Intake of high-quality protein

Your are suggested to eat a high-quality protein diet, and the quantity should be controlled at 0.8g/kg/d. Foods such as lean meat, fish, egg and milk are always their good options.

Low-salt diet

Generally, the intake of salt should be 2-3g/d. When you are go shopping, pay attention to processed foods, because they are always rich in sodium. Such as, some canned vegetables and snack foods. It is very important for you to read the labels carefully and consider your total diet when grocery shopping. Patients with severe swelling or high blood pressure should limit the intake of sodium strictly.

Fat and cholesterol intake

Patients with this disease are always accompanied with hyperlipidemia, which can lead to atherosclerosis, glomerular injury or glomerular sclerosis, etc. In addition, limit the cholesterol to 200-300mg/day and avoid the foods that is high in fat and cholesterol, such as, internal organs of animals or certain seafoods.

Keep balance between work and rest

Avoid strenuous exercises, which may aggravate the illness condition. It is necessary to have enough rest and proper physical activities in the daily life. In addition, being active can also prevent patients from getting too much weight.

Take regular check-ups.

As the disease are more likely to relapse, patients should take regular check-ups. It is very important for patients to see the doctor. For example, the doctor may advice you to control the blood pressure level at or below 130/80mm Hg.

The above are some useful recommendations on Nephrotic Syndrome. We hope that these tips can be helpful to you in treating this disorder.

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