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Which Food Can Help Nephrotic Syndrome Anemia

2013-10-27 08:47| Font Size A A A

There are many reasons for anemia, but anemia caused by kidney disease is often overlooked. Renal anemia is due to kidney damage, and its production of erythropoietin reduces. Nephrotic syndrome anemia is different from other causes of anemia and can not enrich the blood by common medicinal dishes. Since it is so, which food can help Nephrotic Syndrome anemia?

The kidney is an organ to discharge waste in body. When diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome anemia, the kidney have been damaged, and this suggests that the ability of excreting waste has been greatly reduced. At this point, careless use of blood tonic medicine not only cannot improve anemia, but can make more and more toxin accumulate, make the condition worse. A large number of protein and amino acid catabolism in the body develop into toxin which will also lead to illness.

Following is diet principles for nephrotic syndrome anemia

1. Increasing the availability of protein

Patients with kidney disease can't intake too much protein. Meat, eggs, and milk are all foods that rich in protein. This kind’s food contains high quality protein which can be used fully. Grains, nuts and protein are poor. It is needed to limit their intake.

2. Dishes mix

A reasonable taking of meat and vegetable is very important. Plant-based foods are rich in vitamin C which can greatly improve the intake of iron. It is better to take foods contain both vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C mainly contains in plant foods, such as rape, celery, lettuce, tomato, kiwi fruit, strawberry, fresh jujube, etc. Vitamin C is unstable substances, and it must adopt scientific storage and processing method.

3. Scientific cooking method

Vegetables and fruits should avoid overlong storage. In cooking vegetables, reducing the heating time, avoiding repeated heating is recommended.

4. Say no to factors interfere iron absorption

Spinach and water bamboo are high in oxalic acid which would restrain the absorption of iron. This kind of food should be blanched before cooking to reduce the oxalic acid. Grains containing phytic acid and the phytic acid content of staple food such as bread by fermentation decreased. Coffee is also need to be avoided.

As for the treatment of renal anemia, it must under the guidance of experts. For severe nephrotic syndrome anemia, erythropoietin injection cooperates with the treatment such as iron, folic acid should be choosing. For mild and anemia, TCM is effective. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal anemia has its unique advantages. It can flexibly control the drug use according to different syndromes. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. It not only improves clinical symptoms, related hemoglobin index and kidney function will also get corresponding improvement.

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