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Can Patients with Kidney Disease Syndrome Drink Milk

2013-10-25 09:31| Font Size A A A

Diet of kidney disease syndrome patients is very exquisite, especially patients who are during treatment. Although nutritious, milk is not suitable to everybody. Nephrotic syndrome patients often appear protein losing, and leading to illness. So the patient must notice in protein diet. Thus, can patients with kidney disease syndrome drink milk?

When people suffering from nephrotic syndrome, a large number of plasma proteins discharged from the urine. Hypoalbuminemia decreased plasma colloid osmotic pressure, cause oedema, and lower resistance. So in the absence stage of Kidney Failure, it is necessary to take a high quality protein diet (1 ~ 1.5 g/kg * d), such as fish, meat, etc. This will help ease some complications caused by hypoalbuminemia. It is essential to drink 250 ml milk one day.

The nutritional value of milk

High quality protein content in milk accounts for some 80% of the total protein content. It contains all kinds of essential amino acids, and its protein structure is very close to the structure of human body, more conducive to absorption and utilization of nutrients. In addition to protein, other nutrients in milk are also very favorable for kidney disease patients. Milk can correct the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus of chronic kidney failure.

Can patients with kidney disease syndrome drink milk?

The protein intake of patients with nephrotic syndrome is less, so calorie intake is not restricted strictly. Fat content in milk is about 2% - 3.2%. It is rich in energy, and digested easily, so suitable for patients with kidney disease syndrome. Drinking milk can make skin moist, and relieve dry skin, yellow hair and other symptoms caused by this disease.

Besides, carbohydrates contains in milk is lactose which can regulate gastric acid, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, the absorption of calcium and the function of the digestive gland secretion. The lactose content in milk is not high, only 10 grams, so even patients with diabetic nephropathy can also drink a bag of milk every day.

Therefore, kidney disease patients can drink milk only under more constraints than normal people. As long as the patients eat right, it is hopeful to enhance immunity.

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