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Is Guava Fruit Safe for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

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Is Guava Fruit Safe for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients
Guavas are a very common type of fruit, which are amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamins, potassium and fiber. This remarkable nutrient content gives them many health benefits. Is guava fruit safe for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? Read on to learn more information.

Moderate intake of guava can help improve medical condition for Nephrotic Syndrome patients.

1. Boost immune system

Nephrotic Syndrome patients usually have a low immunity due to protein leakage and steroid or immunosuppressant intake. That is why they get infections easily, while infections can trigger the relapse of disease or even worsen kidney damage. Guavas are one of the richest sources of vitamin C. vitamin C helps improve immunity and protects Nephrotic Syndrome patients against common infections and pathogens.

2. Help control diabetes

Diabetes is a common cause of Nephrotic Syndrome. And long-term use of steroids for Nephrotic Syndrome can also increase the risk of diabetes. Guavas have fiber content and low glycaemic index, which prevent the development of diabetes. While the low glycemic index inhibits a sudden spike in sugar levels, the fiber content ensures the sugar levels are well regulated.

3. Improve constipation

Due to water and diet restriction, not a few Nephrotic Syndrome patients suffer from constipation. Without timely treatment, constipation can add insult to injury. Because of the rich fiber content, guavas are extremely beneficial for digestive health and help the formation of healthy bowel movement.

4. Keep heart healthy

For Nephrotic Syndrome patients, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level increase their risk of heart disease. Guavas improve the sodium and potassium balance of the body, thereby regulating blood pressure. They also help lower the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol, which contribute to the development of heart disease.


Guava fruit is beneficial for Nephrotic Syndrome. But do not eat too much. Because it is also high in potassium, which may result in high blood potassium so as to cause serious problems. Besides, it can not replace the medical treatment. If you really want to get a permanent control of Nephrotic Syndrome, you should combine diet with medical treatment.

Is guava fruit safe for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? Moderate intake is safe, but remember that too much is as bad as too little, and proper diet should go together with medical treatment to achieve a better effect. For more information on Nephrotic Syndrome treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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