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How Much Daily Fluid Intake for Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome

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How Much Daily Fluid Intake for Patients with Nephrotic SyndromePatients with Nephrotic Syndrome are commonly required to limit intake of daily fluid. However, few patients know how much fluid they can drink daily. Actually, the answers are different from person to person, which should depend on individuals’ conditions.

Why does nephrotic syndrome patients have water restriction?

Usually, patients with kidney disorder need to limit water intake because of serious swelling. One of the main function of the kidney is to balance fluid intake in the body. But nephrotic syndrome makes your kidney unable to get rid of excess water. Excess water in the body can induce swelling or edema, trouble breathing, high blood pressure, etc. In addition, protein in urine also can cause swelling. Therefore, the more protein in urine, the more serious the swelling is, ad also the eleass water patients should drink.

How much water should a nephrotic syndrome patient drink daily?

In one word, that’s should based on your illness conditions. The following conditions can be your reference. After reading, if you still have questions, you can email to us at or chat with me on Whatsapp or Viber +8615512139310. We are glad to help you!

As a Nephrotic Syndrome patient, you can choose an proper one from the following:

Patients with severe edema and high blood pressure

They should pay highly attention to your daily intake. And how much water they can drink depends on edema degree and urine output. In general, water intake is the urine output the day before plus 500ml.

Patients with slight edema and hypertension

Usually there is no strict water restriction. Decreasing water intake moderately is OK.

Patients have no edema and high blood pressure

If your 24-hour urine volume is normal (about 800-2000 ml per day), drinking 2000 ml water is OK. If your urine volume is less than 1000 ml, you should restrict water intake strictly. If your urine volume is more than 3000 ml, you should supplement water properly.

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