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Can We Eat Litchi in Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-06-24 18:30| Font Size A A A

Can We Eat Litchi in Nephrotic SyndromeCan we eat litchi in Nephrotic Syndrome? This is a common question among kidney disease patients. As we all know, a balanced diet can slow the disease progression and improve your overall health. The patients should be cautious in selecting fruits. Now, let’s see whether they can eat this fruit or not.

To be frank, everything has two sides, and there is no exception of litchi for nephrotic syndrome patients.

On the one hand, patients can get a lot of benefits by eating litchi.

1.Enhance immunity

Litchi is a good source of vitamin C. Studies suggest that consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C helps the human body fight against infections and enhance immunity. It is necessary energy of our body needs.

2. Prevent cardiovascular disease

Litchi is rich in dietary fiber which proves best nutrient that promote cardiovascular health. Also litchi is able to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol level in blood. In this way, it improves the blood flow towards the heart and thus it helps reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and hypertension.

3. Lower high blood pressure

Hypertension is one of causes in kidney disease. It has found that an antioxidant in litchi is helpful for lowering high blood pressure. Also it is rich in potassium which can help to maintain fluid balance, contract muscles and control blood pressure.

On the other hand, litchi is not recommended to nephrotic syndrome patients.

As mentioned above, this fruit contains a large amount of potassium. If you have a high level of potassium, you should limit intake of this fruit or avoid it due to high potassium in litchi.

Through the above analysis, you can see that litchi brings many benefits than harms. For whether you can eat it or not with nephrotic syndrome, that needs to depend on your individualized condition. Therefore, to give you a personalized advice, you can attach your medical report to and we are pleasure to help you.

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