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Why is Nephrotic Syndrome Easy to Relapse

2014-01-01 00:19| Font Size A A A

Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by the damage of glomerulus, featuring as high level of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, swelling and hyperlipemia. What troubles most is that nephrotic syndrome is easy to relapse. Why is it easy to relapse?

There are many causes of nephrotic syndrome, such as autoimmune disease, diabetes, infection and drug poisoning.

There are some factors that will affect the prognosis of nephrotic syndrome.

Firstly, it is relevant to the gene.

Secondly, infection is an important influential factor, such as upper respiratory infection. So your doctor must have told you to well prevent cold. Once you catch a cold, your urinary protein will be positive. If the proteinuria do not disappear after getting well, your doctor will increase the dosage of steroid drugs.

Thirdly, long-term use of prednison is also an inducement. If you are treated by prednison for a long time, it will damage the kidney and adrenocortical atrophy will occur. After drug withdrawal, the kidney are no longer secret hormones, which will lead to hormone insufficiency.

Be attention, children should use this drug with caution for it may inhibit the growth and development of Children.

Fourthly, patients do not follow the doctor’s advice. Some patients give up the drugs once the proteinuria is disappear or swelling is not that obvious. Sometimes, the disappear of the symptoms do not indicate that the illness are cured. So you must follow your doctor’s orders.

Many patients are treated with steroid drugs to control the symptoms, but they receive poor effects. Then how to well treat this disease?

You can try the Chinese medicine, such as the orally taken herbs, which can help improve your immunity, thus to prevent infection. Hot Compress therapy is suggested to improve kidney function. If you are interested in it, you can send an email to for detailed information. If nephrotic syndrome is not well treated, it will progress into kidney failure. So the correct treatment is more important.

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