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Keys to Reducing Hormone for Kidney Disease Syndrome Patients

2017-11-20 16:31| Font Size A A A

Hormone plays an important role in the treatment of kidney disease syndrome. But the reduction of hormone is a very disturbing for some people have a smooth transition, while other people have a rebound. Thus, waht should we do to make hormone decrement becomes smooth? Following is a list of keys to reducing hormone for kidney disease syndrome patients.

1. Cortisol

Cortisol is an index of blood. Cortical function is a big problem in hormone decrement. The general regulation is that cortisol less than 3 ug/dl at eight o 'clock in the morning cannot be reduced; more than 20 ug/dl can be reduced; 3-20ug/dl can be reduced slowly.

Cortisol has a great instruction to recurrence. If cortisol restores good, patients could fight against cold, fever or even small operation. If with low cortisol, it would be easy to rebound for the bodies have no so much adrenaline secretion to response emergency.

2. Rest

Enough sleep is very important. Plenty of rest can reduce the recurrence rate.

3. Treatment of TCM

There are many herbs can help to protect liver, stomach, and endocrine function in traditional Chinese medicine. In the later period of hormone using, the rational medicine can stable condition, and make transition smooth. All drugs must have a clear prescription. You can contact our online doctor to get some free prescriptions according to individual condition.

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