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Is Nephrotic Syndrome Contagious

2013-10-15 10:12| Font Size A A A

Many patients with Nephrotic Syndrome are worried about whether this disease is contagious or not. People who have a rough idea of nephrotic syndrome may believe that it could not spread to others. However, if you fail to understand the causes of nephrotic syndrome, for this problem, don't jump to conclusions. It is because that “Is nephritic syndrome contagious” has a close relationship to its cause.

In fact, it is possible for kidney disease with contagious in following cases.

1. Take acute nephritis for example, this is a rare disease in children. The causes of acute nephritis are various, including impetigo which is contagious. It may lead to acute nephritis. So, once touched such kinds of patients with acute nephritis, you might suffer from acute nephritis!

2. We all know that hepatitis B is contagious. It is also one cause of kidney disease. Once be confirmed hepatitis b virus (HBV) associated glomerulonephritis, such disease is also infectious for the existence of HBV.

3. Tuberculosis may also lead to kidney disease. And it is a disease with strong infectiousness, not to speak of kidney disease caused by it.

4. The last example is syphilis nephrotic syndrome. Everybody should be clear that syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. Once people have a close contact or sexual intercourse with syphilis nephrotic syndrome patients, it often leads to healthy people suffering from syphilis. Finally, the development of this disease result in the emergence of syphilis nephrotic syndrome.

Although some of the nephrotic syndrome is infectious, most of this disease is not. If suffering from general nephrotic syndrome, you don't have to worry about whether it is contagious. You should focus on how to cure it. Patients should choose treatment according to their own situation. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best treatment in TCM, it is designed to improve curative effect, shorten the period of treatment, and reduce relapse to the greatest extent. It is especially suited for patients do not sensitive to hormones and repetitive nephrotic syndrome patients.

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