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Can Children with Nephrotic Syndrome Get Vaccinated

2013-10-13 10:16| Font Size A A A

Can children with Nephrotic Syndrome get vaccinated? There has been no definite or agreeable viewpoint on it in academia. We are facing a dilemma: on the one hand, vaccination may cause recurrence or aggravation of disease condition; on the other hand, if children with nephritic syndrome to abandon or excessive delay vaccination, the risk of suffering from some serious and even fatal infection disease which should be effectively prevented through vaccination would increase. If you want to know whether a specific kind of vaccine can be used or not, please result our free online service.

The current ways are:

1. Six months after remission or recovery, patients can consider to get vaccinated.

2. Vaccination should be avoided when using large dose of hormone or immunosuppressant.

3. To avoid get live vaccine such as the BCG vaccine, measles vaccine and poliomyelitis vaccine.

4. New vaccines without enough application experience also had better not vaccinated.

It should be noticed that patients can get vaccinated according to normal procedure after recovery or stop using hormone more than one year. But, similar to normal children, it is also likely to appear some side effects such as fever and diarrhea. What you should do is just manage according to the normal processing.

However, the risk of recurrence can not be completely avoided. The fundamental solution is curing the disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended by many experts. This therapy is widely used in China and has received great effect. The most important point is that it has no side effects to children. If you are interested in it, please leave a message below, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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