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Are There Any Harm of Nephrotic Syndrome of Pregnancy to Pregnant Women and Fetus

2013-10-12 17:04| Font Size A A A

The incidence of Nephrotic Syndrome of pregnancy is relatively low, and its coverage is about 0.04%. As the improving of pregnancy care awareness, many experts believe that the detection rate of nephrotic syndrome during pregnancy might increase. Thus, are there any harm of nephrotic syndrome of pregnancy to pregnant women and fetus?

Now the etiology and mechanism of nephrotic syndrome of pregnancy is still not very clear. However, the dangers of nephrotic syndrome are quite definite.

Firstly, since the puerpera can appear severe tissue edema and hypoalbuminemia, and lead to a great drop on body defenses and resistance. Therefore, puerperal infection, postpartum hemorrhage and puerperal diseases such as poor wound healing might be caused.

Secondly, intravascular fluids of patients with hypoalbuminemia to organize clearance increasing easy to cause the decrease of blood volume, which can cause uterine placenta blood perfusion. The phenomenon of fetal intrauterine retardation and intrauterine distress are widely being seen. The incidence of low birth weight and premature babies would also be increased.

In addition, various complications of neonatal period significantly increased at the same time. The perinatal infant death rate has also increased.

As a result, experts think the nephrotic syndrome during pregnancy is one of severe performance of severe PIH and shall be included in high-risk pregnancy disease range.

For the treatment of nephrotic syndrome during pregnancy, patients should strengthen the treatment of nephrotic syndrome based on active control of the pregnancy in principle. Pregnant women should rest well, sleep to left side, intake appropriate protein, vitamins and calcium iron zinc and other trace elements. At the same time, using adrenal cortical hormone to control nephrotic syndrome condition, continuous input plasma protein to improve body resistance, and auxiliary with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to improve the state of blood vessels and promote diuresis, reduce edema, in order to increase uterine placenta blood flow and reduce the adverse effect on the foetus. If the disease is severe, terminate pregnancy and adopt cesarean delivery should be considered.

In general, with the termination of pregnancy, the natural condition of most women often rapid relief. All the indexes can be converted into normal in 1 ~ 2 weeks or so, and the prognosis is favorable. The key lies in early detection, early treatment and timely termination of pregnancy. If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

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