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How Long Can You Live with 5% Kidney Function

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How long can I live with 5% kidney function? Recently, a kidney patient asked me this question. I believe that it is also the issues that most patients with kidney disease care. In this article, let’s talk about this most concerned question.

What does 5% kidney function mean?

Kidneys are the main organs of our body, which are in charge of many works to keep the body healthy. It is responsible to filter the waste products, keep balance of water and electrolyte, secrete hormones and produce urine. So once kidneys are damaged for some reasons, your body will send you some dangerous signals by appearing some symptoms.

Kidney function declines gradually with the progression of the disease. In clinic, we see that the disease has progressed into kidney failure when kidney function drops to 15% or below. With 5% kidney function, you have entered end-stage kidney failure, which is the most serious ending of kidney disease. In this case, some symptoms and complications may become more serious.

How long can you live with 5% kidney function?

In terms of the life expectancy, we cannot give you an exact answer. It is different from people to people. Many factors should be taken into account, such as the illness condition, ages, medical cares, mind state, illness cause, physical condition and so on. It is possible for patients with 5% kidney function to live longer with proper treatment and medical care. The treatment takes a great effect on prolonging the lifespan of end-stage kidney failure. Here Hot Compress Therapy is strongly recommended. This therapy is natural and externally used. It cannot only relieve the symptoms, but also can repair the damaged kidney cells and enhance kidney function. If you want to know more about this therapy, you can ask the online doctor directly.

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