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How to Improve GFR with Natural Remedies

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Kidney plays an important role in keep the overall health of our body. It is a blood cleaner by clearing the metabolic waste and toxins out of the blood. Glomerular is the main part of kidney, which helps kidney do the job. The waste and toxins are filtered by glomerular and discharged out through urine. When the glomerular filtration membrane is damaged, the GFR(glomerular filtration rate) will be decreased. So how to improve GFR with natural remedies?

GFR is a reliable reflection of kidney function. It indicates how well kidney works. The lower GFR is, the lower kidney function is. So to improve GFR is to regain kidney function to some extent. There are some natural remedies for you to improve GFR.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

It is a new Chinese therapy for kidney disease. The innovative point of this therapy is that it is concentrated on repairing impaired kidney inherent cells and saving the residual cells and improving kidney function. The traditional methods to treat kidney problems are to alleviate the symptoms and are not helpful to improve kidney function. This therapy is externally used. The finely-shattered herbs can permeate into kidney lesions via an osmosis device. By dilating blood vessel, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, and degrading extracellular matrix to repair the impaired glomerular filtration membrane thus to improve GFR.

Medicated bath.

Same as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath is also an externally used Chinese medicine. By adding the personalized Chinese herbs into the fluid to discharge the accumulated wastes and toxins and change the condition of hypoxic and ischemic and boost blood circulation.

Keep a healthy lifestyle.

Do exercise properly to improve the immunity. Alcohol and tobacco are not allowed if you have kidney disease. They will accelerate the progression of the damage and aggravate sclerosis of glomerular.

Healthy diet.

Diet is essential to elevate GFR. Firstly, low-protein food is needed to reduce the production of waste product and lower the burden of kidney. High-quality protein is advised to supply nutrition. Secondly, low-sodium diet is good for patients with kidney disease for high-sodium is a leading cause of high blood pressure, which will damage kidney. Thirdly, high-potassium and high-phosphorous food is not suggested if their level is high in the lab test. You can ask the online doctors to get the detailed diet list suitable for yourself.

Improving GFR with natural remedies is important to improve kidney function and live a better life. You can email to to get further information.

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