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New Options for Rebuilding GFR Levels Naturally

2014-12-30 11:28| Font Size A A A

New Options for Rebuilding GFR Levels NaturallyGFR (glomerular filtration rate) is an important indicator to reflect renal function. For Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure patients, they are suffer from painful symptoms due to decreased glomerular filtration rate. To relieve the symptoms, we should mange to find new treatment to rebuild GFR levels naturally.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we do own a series of advanced and characterized kidney disease treatments. If you or your beloved ones are suffering from kidney disease but do not have better treatment, you might as well share the passage with them and try the treatment. More treatment process, you can contact us: or leave a massage below.

Option one: Foot Bath

It is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has numerous functions. As we all know, there are many acupoints in our feet. The acupoints are important for regulating our body disorders. The treatment decocts medicines and put them into basin. Then, let patients put their feet in the basin and soak. During the period of soaking, the active ingredients in foot bath can help warm meridians and expel cold as well as invigorate blood and dredge collaterals.

Optin two: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is an innovation from traditional Chinese medicine which are applied externally. During the process, patients just need to lie in the bed and then under help of osmosis device, the active ingredients can permeate into kidney lesion directly. After a period of treatment, patients will feel comfortable. What’s more, it has functions of promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. The treatment not only repair kidney damage but also can protect renal function.

Option Three: Immunotherapy

The therapy is a comprehensive and systemic treatment which is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicines and numerous technologies of blood purification. And the treatment aims at strengthening immune system and cleaning the blood as well as repairing damaged kidney cells and tissues. In the condition, kidney function can be improved along with the improvement of glomerular filtration rate.

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