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Can I Improve Stage Four Kidney Disease with GFR 22 by Diet

2014-11-02 10:50| Font Size A A A

Diet plays an important part in maintaining our body health, there is no exception for people with Stage 4 Kidney Disease. Well then, for these patients with GFR 22, can they improve this condition by the diet?

How serious is Stage 4 kidney disease?

Can I Improve Stage Four Kidney Disease with GFR 22 by DietStage 4 kidney disease with GFR 22 refers that the kidney has been damaged severely and kidney fails to function properly. Along with kidney damage, the kidney fails to do its jobs well enough to keep your health. Then, you will suffer from numerous symptoms and complications such as massive proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, fatigue, anemia, swelling, cardiovascular disease and so on. Therefore, at this stage, it is very important to slow the loss of kidney function by following your treatment plan, and managing other problems like high blood pressure or heart disease.

In these conditions, can you improve illness condition by diet?

Of course. To be frank, diet is indeed helpful for improving renal function to some extent. The following dietary principles can be as reference to you.

Proper protein intake

Limit intake of sodium

Ingest more vitamins

Drink relatively water

Limit intake of phosphorus and potassium

However, diet therapy is not enough to recover renal function because it is just an assist therapy rather than an radical therapy. Well the, aside from diet plan,what else can we do?

Actually, for patients with GFR 22, the dialysis can be applied in western countries. However, in China, we do prefer recommending the therapy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is an innovation from Traditional Chinese Medicine but used externally. It is one of characterized, natural and effective treatments in our hospital and widely used in treating kidney disease from the underlying causes.

If you are interested in the treatment, please email us to or leave a message below directly and we will do what we can help you.

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