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Can Flatulence Be Caused By Decreased Renal Function

2014-08-28 18:35| Font Size A A A

Can Flatulence Be Caused By Decreased Renal FunctionFlatulence can be caused by some health conditions that are related to the digestive system. Well then, is there any relationship between flatulence and decreased renal function?

Actually, all of our organs rely on each other. Once one has something wrong, others can also be affected. It is a common sense that our healthy kidneys are important organs to remove the waste products and toxins from the body naturally and effectively. However, due to decreased renal function, the kidneys fail to do this job. When too much wastes build up in the body, it will increase kidneys’ burden cause other organs damage.

As a matter of fact, flatulence can caused by numerous factors such as indigestion, intestinal gas, excessive stomach, peptic ulcer as well as stomach cancer. Then, how do you know that your flatulence is caused by decreased renal function.

Along with decline of kidney function, gastrointestinal tract can be damaged or infected. In such condition, flatulence is usually accompanied by several typical symptoms which are as below.



-Abdominal pain

-Poor appetite, nausea, vomiting.

-Dizziness, headache, memory loss and so on.

-Short of breath, smell mouth.

-Diarrhea and dehydration

-Abnormal heart rhythms

If you are suffering from one or more than the above symptoms, you should do the blood or urine test to check your renal function. If you are diagnosed with low GFR which is an indicator to reflect your renal function, you’d better consult a kidney expert and take immediate measures to stop the progression of the illness condition.

At our Treatment center point, we use the natural method-Chinese herbal medicine to treat this condition. Do remember that don’t choose the western drugs as your first option. Compared it, Chinese medicines are more safe and effective. It not only control the symptoms but also treat kidney disease from the root, namely repair kidney damage. More details, you can takl with our doctors online directly or email to and we will try our best to help you!

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