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Life Expectancy for GFR 13 Without Dialysis

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Life Expectancy for GFR 13 Without DialysisHow long I can live with GFR 13 without dialysis? This is a very concerned question among kidney disease patients. Then, what is the answer? Please keep reading. If you have similar question, you can attach your medical report to and we will give you an individualized advice.

What does mean of GFR13?

GFR is short for glomerular filtration rate, and it is one of important and reliable indicators to reflect renal function. And according to GFR, kidney disease is divided into five stages. For healthy people, their GFR is between 90-125ml/min. As for GFR 13, it is too low, which indicates that patients are in stage 5 kidney disease, namely ESRD (end stage renal disease).

Generally, dialysis is commonly used to control the progress of illness condition. Although dialysis is a fast and effective way to remove wastes and toxins in bloodstream, the fact is no one is willing to undergo dialysis. Why? To be frank, it is not able to restore kidney damage and cause various side effects for patients, like anemia, vomiting, hair loss and so on.

What is life expectancy for GFR 13 without dialysis?

I am sorry to say there is no specific answer for this question due to many factors can affect lifespan, like patients’ physical condition, lifestyles, daily diet and so on. Some patients can live longer life, while others are not. Though the exact answer about how long you can live with GFR 13, here I want to let you know that with proper treatment except dialysis.

In western countries, dialysis or kidney transplant is a common method to sustain lifespan. However, in China, a latest treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created by our experienced kidney experts in our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. It is a creation and innovation based on TCM, but it differs traditional one because of its external application. Doctor put the tow bags which are full of Chinese medicine on patient’s lower back, and under help of osmosis devices, active ingredients of herbs can enter into kidney lesion and achieve the goal of repairing kidney damage and enhancing renal function. Only renal function get a well recovery, your life quality also will be enhanced. Anything unclear, please contact us by talking with our online doctors or leaving a message below. And we all try our bets to help you. Best wishes!

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