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What to Expect with GFR 13

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What to Expect with GFR 13For patients with CKD, their kidney functiuon will be damaged gradually by their disease, which can cause them to have many abnormal changes in their body. GFR is a important standard to learn about patient’s kidney function, and as patient’s kidney damage becomes severer and severer, their GFR will be reduced lower and lower. For health prople, their GFR level can reach 120ml/min, so GFR 13 is very low, and what to expect if CKD patients have GFR 13?

What we can know from GFR 13?

GFR is the abbreviation of glomerular filtration rate, which indicates how much blood has been filtrated by kidney in unit time. While kidney disease can damage patient’s kidney function and cause the filtered blood to be reduced, which will cause patients to have low GFR.

Chornic kidney disease is divided into five stages according to patient’s GFR, and when patients have GFR 13, that means patients are in the end stage of CKD, because the GFR range of stage 5 CKD is below 15ml/min.

What to expect with GFR 13?

Kidney is our body’s filter, which can remove out the metabolic wastes and excess fluid from our body. By this way, kidney can regulate the metabolic balances in our body.

As a result, the kidney function of patients with GFR 13 is damaged severely, and many metabolic disorders will appear at this point. These metabolic disorders can cause many complications, and complications like cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death. In fact, most patients will be recommeded to accept dialysis at this point, which is an important way to correct the metabolic disorders and prolong patient’s lifetime.

Thereby, for patients with GFR 13, their condition is very severe, and most patients will need dialysis to control their condition.

Chronic kidney disease is very severe, and patients should take measures actively to deal with their condition. If you need any help, you can leave us a message about your details and problem, we will do what we can to help you.

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