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GFR 20 with One Kidney: Symptoms And Treatments

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GFR 20 with One Kidney: Symptoms And TreatmentsA person with one kidney can still live a healthy life. However, when their GFR (glomerular filtration rate) drops to 20, what does it mean? Are there any symptoms? How to deal with this illness condition?

What does GFR 20 mean?

In general, glomerular filtration rate is a main indicator of kidney function and the normal rage is 90ml/min-125ml/min. According to this, chronic kidney disease is divided into five stages. And GFR 20 is in stage 4 kidney disease accompanied with severe kidney damage.

Are there any symptoms?

Yes. In this case, the following symptoms will occur:

High blood pressure -- Most patients will experience it which is mainly due to kidneys’ inability to adjust blood pressure and retention of water and sodium.

Anemia -- The impaired kidneys cannot secrete enough EPO to satisfy the body needs, thus causing anemia. Meanwhile, fatigue will occur.

Besides, other symptoms like proteinuria, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, itchy skin, sleep problems can also occur. In order to prevent progress of the illness condition, patients should accept effective treatments early.

How to deal with GFR 20?

Healthy diet -- Although diet therapy is a adjuvant therapy, it also plays an important role in managing kidney disease. More information about kidney-friendly diet, please talk with our Live Doctor directly.

Well control of high blood pressure -- Keep the hypertension within a normal range can help prevent the further kidney damage.

Dialysis -- If the condition can not be well controlled, you may be suggested to undergo dialysis. However, the fact is that no one want to undergo dialysis, because it has many side effects.

Chinese medicine therapy -- it is our characteristic treatment and has been widely used in China. It is unique in three aspects: distinctive treatment, unique medications and special diagnostic techniques. Besides, patients who come from different countries have get obvious improvement after a period of this treatment.

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