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How to Deal with GFR 51

2014-05-31 18:21| Font Size A A A

People with kidney disease are no strangers to GFR, which is a main indicator to measure kidney function. However, if it drops to 51, what does it mean? How to deal with it?

What does GFR 51 mean?

Generally speaking, the normal range of GFR for adults is 90ml/min to 125ml/min. When the “blood-cleaners” of our body are damaged, they will not be able to work as normal. From a medical point of view, it is in stage 3 chronic kidney disease and GFR 51 means moderate decline in kidney function. In this case, metabolic products, extra water and fluid will build up in the body, resulting in a number of symptoms.

How to deal with GFR 51?

☆ Keep a scientific diet A healthy diet is very important for kidney disease patients’ health. To decrease the workload of kidneys, they should pay special attention to their protein intake and salt intake. If lab test results show high levels of potassium and phosphorus, the consumption should also be restricted.

☆ Reverse kidney damage As mentioned above, GFR 51 is in stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Even so, there is still great opportunity to reverse this kind of kidney damage. After years of treatment experience and clinical research, experts of our center have created some effective treatments for this condition. For instance, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy.

☆ Well control of high blood pressure and diabetes Keep blood pressure and high blood sugar level within a normal range can help prevent further damage to the kidneys.

☆ Kick off bad living habits In normal life, people with GFR 51 should try their best to quit smoking and drinking and avoid staying up late. Besides, keep a positive attitude towards life is also helpful.

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