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I find this page by accident. When I click the online consultation, a real doctor just appeared in the video. He answered all my questions and made a detailed analysis of my kidney problem.

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How to Treat Creatinine 4.5 And Swollen Leg Due to High Blood Pressure

My Father have 10 years of high blood pressure, recently, his test show serum creatinine 4.5, what does it mean? Additionally, his legs become swollen. Please kindly help.

Maybe your father is suffering from hypertensive kidney disease. For further analysis, please tell me more about his illness condition.

Creatinine is an important index to measure how your kidneys work. Normally, it can be kept at a constant level. However, in hypertensive nephropathy, due to a drop in kidney function, extra wastes will accumulate in the body. As for creatinine 4.5, it is much higher than the normal value(0.5-1.2mg/dL). And this means your father’s kidney have been damaged seriously. If it continues to increase, dialysis may be needed.

Besides, you mentioned that your father suffering from swollen egg, which is associated with loss of protein, water-sodium retention, etc.

To bring your father’s condition under control, measures should be taken to lower blood pressure and prevent further deterioration of kidney function. Except for anti-hypertensive drugs, diuretics, sodium restriction, moderate exercises, we also suggest your father with our characteristic treatments like Full Bath Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to decrease blood pressure and restore kidney function. And clinical practices have proven it’s efficacy in increasing kidney function, for detailed info, please leave us message to Best wishes!

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