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I find this page by accident. When I click the online consultation, a real doctor just appeared in the video. He answered all my questions and made a detailed analysis of my kidney problem.

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Is There Any Problems If I Have Creatinine 1.4

My blood test shows that my creatinine level is 1.4, I want to know is there any problems?

Hello, Sir or Madam. For your question, sincerely hope the following content can be helpful for you. If you want to get the individualized suggestions, it’ s better to attach your test reports to and I will analyze and give your best answer.

Creatinine is the waste product of muscular metabolism and its normal range in is 0.6~1.2 mg/dl, although this can differ from lab to lad, between men and woman and by age. But creatinine level 1.4 obviously is slightly higher than the standard levels.

As mentioned above, creatinine is a kind of waste products. When your kidneys can work well, the excessive creatinine will be filtered out of the body. Thereby, usually high creatinine level is an indicator of kidney damages. When your creatinine level begins to elevate, it always tells that at least 50% of kidney functions has been damaged.

However, not all high creatinine levels totally result from kidney disease. Some additional factors may also be the triggers, such as long-time standing, strenuous exercise, much intake of protein food etc. These causes lead to temporary high creatinine levels and in each of these conditions, high creatinine levels will be lower down spontaneously, causing no severe problems.

Through the above analysis, I think you should know it is important to know the underlying cause of your elevated creatinine level. Any questions or doubt, please contact us!

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