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I find this page by accident. When I click the online consultation, a real doctor just appeared in the video. He answered all my questions and made a detailed analysis of my kidney problem.

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What Should I Do with Asymptomatic Polycystic Kidney Disease

I am a polycystic kidney disease patient and have no ailments at present. What should I do?

Hello, friend. Thanks for using our Online Service. You should know PKD is one of genetic disorder and cannot be totally cured. And almost all forms are caused by a familial genetic mutation. Sometimes, it can progress into renal failure or Kidney Failure.

But as a matter of fact, some patients do not suffer any symptoms in the causes of the disease. Well then, why? Actually, it has been proved that our kidneys have strong compensatory ability. That’s to say, kidney disease patients won’t experience obvious symptoms until half renal function has been damaged. In addition, Polycystic Kidney Disease is divided into five periods including emergence period, growth stage, enlarge stage, cysts rupture stage, and uremia stage. Actually, in the emergence period and growth stage, it is not easy to find that they have the disease. Since the cysts on the kidneys are small in size and quantities. Generally speaking, patients will feel back pain when kidney cysts are more than 3 cm.

Facing the asympomatic polycystic kidney disease, you do not leave it alone. In turn. You should do a regular test to monitor its development. In addition, you should develop a healthy diet habit which aims at protecting kidney from further damage, like low-protein diet, low-sodium diet and high vitamins intake. Also, healthy lifestyles are also necessary. If you are smoker, please give up smoking; if you are drinker, please quit drinking; if you often satay up, please have a regular rest time.

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