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I find this page by accident. When I click the online consultation, a real doctor just appeared in the video. He answered all my questions and made a detailed analysis of my kidney problem.

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Can I Stop Kidney Damage with Polycystic Kidney Disease

Can I stop kidney damage with PKD? I am diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (stage 3 kidney disease) and I also suffer from severe pain and vomiting which make me uncomfortable. I will appreciated it if you can help me.

Hello, friend. Thanks for your consultion. And I am a kidney expert from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China. I will do what we can help you and if you have any follow-up question, welcome to contact me or email to

For your condition now, the most important thing is to improve your kidney function. The treatment I want to recommend is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The medicine is micronized into very small molecules and can arrive at the kidneys directly through skin and channels on the back. It can improve the microcirculation and permeability of the cysts walls, so the cyst liquid can be reabsorbed and discharged out with blood circulation. It acts on all the cysts at the same time. The smaller cysts will also be shrunk. Besides, the active material of the Chinese herbal medicine can restrain the proliferation of cyst lining cells, so the cysts will not grow again. This is treating the disease from the root. With the improving of blood circulation, the blood and oxygen supply in the kidney tissues will be better, so the self renewal of the damaged cells will be reactivated, thus recovering the kidney function. Apart from micro-Chinese medicine, oral taking medicine like "Duo Nang Xiao" will also be used for PKD. It is special prescription of our professors here. These are the basic treatment and sincerely hope you can get recovery as soon as possible.

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