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I find this page by accident. When I click the online consultation, a real doctor just appeared in the video. He answered all my questions and made a detailed analysis of my kidney problem.

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Why Dehydrate Causes High Creatinine Level

My uncle’s creatinine level is raised to 4.5ml/dl from 3ml/dl. Recently, he just was dehydrated and high creatinine level. I wonder that is there any relationship between them? Please help me. Thank you in advance.

Hello, sir or madam. Thank for your consultation. I can see you love your uncle very much, and please don’t worry, I will try my best to help you.

Generally speaking, dehydrate can cause the rise of the creatinine level. Dehydrate or inadequate water intake, such as fever, sweating, diuresis can cause blood concentration and reduced blood flow in the kidneys, thus creatinine level will increase. If your uncle’ high creatinine level is caused by water loss, drinking fluids is usually enough for mild dehydrate. It is better to drink small amounts of fluid often, instead of trying to force large amounts of fluid at one time. Except for that, Electrolyte solutions may be effective and they can available at pharmacies.

I hope these contents can help you and your uncle. To be frank, elevated creatinine level can be induced by many factors, such as kidney disease, unproper diet, excessive strenuous exercises and so on. In order to give your uncle an individualized advice, I still need his more detailed illness condition. So if you can attach his recent medical report to, I will analyze it overall and then give his proper treatment in detail.

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