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Is Kidney Transplant the Only Way to Treat Kidney Failure

2014-04-11 02:10| Font Size A A A

Many kidney failure patients consider kidney transplant as the only way to prolong their life. Is that true? Can kidney transplant treat kidney disease complete? Are there any other alternative treatments? After reading this article, you can get answers of these questions.

Many patients think kidney transplant can cure the kidney disease completely. However, this is a wrong idea, as the average lifetime for a donated kidney is 10 to 15 years. Due to allograft reaction, the transplanted kidney will lose function gradually. What’s worse, some health problems may occur correspondingly.

-Transplant rejection: It can divide into three categories: hyperactue transplant rejection, acute rejection and chronic rejection.

-Infections or sepsis: To inhibit the rejection, some immunosuppressive agents are often used. As a consequence, the immunity of patients will be damaged, then infections or sepsis occurs.

-Lymphoproliferative disorder: It is also the consequence of immunosuppressive drugs.

Some other common complications include gastrointestinal inflammation and ulceration of the stomach and esophagus, etc.

Currently, there is nor cure for kidney failure. However, patients shouldn’t treat the disease negatively. Some treatments can help prolong their lives and improve the life quality, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy. Here, I will give you a brief introduction of blood pollution therapy, it includes three steps:

Blood clean: In order to thoroughly remove wastes, clogged materials and toxins in blood vessels and vascular walls, some blood cleaning methods like immunoadsorption, plasma exchange, CRRT, etc are often firstly used.

Supplement nutrients: In this procedure, experts will supply the body with nutrients, which is applied on the patients’ condition.

Kidney recovery: After the above two steps, the blood system can work normally. Thereby, toxins in kidney can be taken away and nutrients can reach kidney lesion. In this way, kidney gets its way to recovery.

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