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Top 3 Facts about Kidney Transplant

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Top 3 Facts about Kidney TransplantKidney Transplant is a major alternative therapy for ESRD patients. It indicates a surgical procedure that places a healthy kidney into patient’s body. In this article, you can learn about top 3 facts about kidney transplant.

Top 1 Sources of kidneys

1. Living, related family donor-parents, brothers and sisters

2. Living, non-related donors-friends or spouse

3. Non-living donors-Individuals that recently die

Top 2 Factors that should be taken into consideration

1. Whether your kidneys can work as normal or not.

2. Patients have no other illness that influences the success rate of kidney transplant.

3. For old patients, they are usually at a higher risk.

4. Do a complete examination of urinary system and find problems that affect this big surgery.

5. Before accepting this, patients should be psychologically prepared. Talk with your doctors, nurses, family members and donors about all the risks.

6. Meanwhile, the expense of this surgery should also be taken into consideration.

Top 3 Will there be any rejections?

Generally, when harmful substances like bacteria or virus attack the body, the body itself will release certain antibodies to fight against the foreign substances.

As for the new kidney, you body will treat it as other foreign substances. In this condition, rejection will occur accordingly. And the types of rejection can be concluded like this:

Hyperacute rejection It is a rare type and it usually occurs within hours. If it appears, the new kidney may be removed and patients have to resort to dialysis.

Acute rejection This kind of rejection is the most common type. According to the statistics, 80% of cases can be reversed.

Chronic rejection This type occurs at any time. Meanwhile, not everyone will experience chronic rejection.

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