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Can Kidney Transplant Completely Solve Renal Problems

2014-04-11 01:17| Font Size A A A

Kidney TransplantKidney Transplant is the preferred therapy for most patients who have sunk into the spiral of End Stage Renal Failure. Successful kidney transplant is able to exempt patients from necessary dialysis, thus treating Renal Failure more effectively. However, can kidney transplant completely solve renal problems?

Compared with dialysis, patients with kidney transplant receive improved life quality and less limitation through 10 times more functions. The majority of patients feel better with more physical strength.

However in reality, patients have no remedy but transplant, for it is a kind of behaviour which is against nature and physiology that the transplanted kidney may be regarded as exotic invasion and excluded by human body. Kidney transplant is a type of behavioral intervention that forces human body to accept enthetic graft, which determines the extreme difficulty in transplantation. (Other methods to postpone renal failure please consult our live doctor.)

As we all know, healthy organ function and sturdy immune system are necessary factors for normal operation of various functions in human body. However, immune system is inevitably inhibited in order to insure the normal play of transplant, thus observably increasing chances of infection and the incidence of tumor. Besides, the incidence rate of metabolic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia will also increase after kidney transplant and long-term medications.

While the number of patients who need to transplant is increasing by years, the amount of patients who receive kidney transplant grows slowly. What’s more? Not all the patients are qualified for kidney transplant, which is decided by their conditions, type of primary disease and age, etc.

Actually, it is temporarily effective to simply change another kidney. Imagine that our body is an aquarium filled with foul water and kidneys are two fishes in it. Only by replacing dead fish with live fish can neither improve the polluted environment fundamentally, nor change the fate of death again. That is to say, the basic reason of kidney disease is the unhealthy blood which flows in kidney, and Blood Pollution Therapy can respond this problem positively through blood pyrification, elements supplementation and function rebuilding.

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