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How Long Will A Transplant Kidney Work Perfectly

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How Long Will A Transplant Kidney Work PerfectlyHow long will a transplant kidney work perfectly? This is a commonly asked question for Kidney Failure patients who are going to do Kidney Transplant. Here we will tell your the answer. Pleased read on and you will also get the new treatment besides the surgery.

Frankly speaking, the time changes from person to person, because it depends on patient’s age, specific illness condition, whether operation is successful, the matched degree of donated kidney, rejection, and on on. How long dose kidney transplant last is subject to various external and internal factors. In a successful kidney transplant, patients can still live a longer life.

On average, most kidney transplants last somewhere between 10 and 12 years. There is a group number to indicate the transplanted kidney’s lifetime for your reference. According to the report of Organ Transplant Conference in 2008, more than 90% that it will be working on year after the operation; 90% chance that it will last five years after transplant; 60% to 80% chance that it will work ten years after surgery. Actually, compared to transplanted kidney’s survival rate, patients can live longer life. But for all patients who undergo a operation, they have certain life risk which can affect their lifetime.

Is there any treatment which can avoid transplant?

Fortunately, along with the development of medical technology, kidney transplant or dialysis is no longer the only the kidney failure treatment. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we do use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpy for repairing kidney damage and protecting renal function through regulating immune system and discharging extras wastes and toxins in the body. In addition, we do also use some support treatments like Mai-Kang Composition, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, etc for strengthening therapeutic effects. To know more detailed process and functions of our treatment, you can chat with our Online Doctors or email to and we will do our best to help you.

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