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How Long Can I Live After Kidney Transplant

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Kidney transplant is not strange for more and more people as kidney failure spreads throughout the world. The question “how long can I live after kidney transplant” also become a hot tissue currently. The answer differs from person to person. Even so, we still find the average statistics about life expectancy of transplanted kidney for your information.

How long can I live after kidney transplant?

Donated kidney are divided into deceased kidney and kidney from living donor. The life expectancy of living donor kidney transplant survival rate is higher than that of diseased donor.

How long can you live with deceased donor kidney transplant?

Lifespan of Deceased Donor Kidney Successful Rate
6-month  94.4%
1 year  92%
3 year 81.9%

How long can you live with living donor kidney transplant?

Lifespan of Living Donor Kidney Successful Rate
6-month 97.7%
1 year 96.5%
3 year 90.9%

The statistics does differ from person to person, region to region. If you want to know your lifespan after kidney transplant, you can try the quiz for kidney transplant. We collects different ways to quiz estimate the possible life expectancy after Kidney Transplant. If you wanna a try, you can email to for a reply.

Good news is that the successful survival rate of kidney transplant can increase with natural therapy. Our Kidney Disease Hospital offers different herbal treatments which are tonic to the transplant kidney and prevent the possible complications and anti-rejection.

Kidney Transplant Survival Rate Statistics After Our Herbal Support

Lifespan of Deceased Donor Kidney Successful Rate
1 year 97%
3 year 92.5%


Lifespan of Living Donor Kidney Successful Rate
1 year 98.5%
3 year 93%

If you have interest in our herbal remedies to increase the successful rate of kidney transplant, you can leave a message below.

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