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Methods to Treat Sleep problems in Kidney Failure

2014-04-16 03:19| Font Size A A A

Methods to Treat Sleep problems in Kidney FailureKidney Failure patients may have sleep problems, which makes them lack of sleep, aggravating their condition. In this article, some solutions are introduced to solve these sleep problems

Restless legs syndrome

It is characterized by an urge to move the legs that is often hard to resist. Patients keep awake by always moving their legs. Low PTH level and anemia can be the causes of restless legs.

If you have any doubts, you can conduct our online doctors, who can recommend some medicines to treat these symptoms. What’s more, there are also some simple methods to help you improve sleep quality.

-Take a warm bath.

-Do some exercises, which lets you feel tired and fall asleep faster.

-Choose a comfortable sleep environment.

-Drink a cup of warm milk.

Frequent urination at night

In this advanced stage of kidney disease, the damaged kidney can’t filter the wastes in daytime, so the “blood-cleaners” have to work harder in the night. In this condition, frequent urination at night will occur, which affects their sleep quality to a large extent.

For this condition, you can fill in the table below. We will recommend some medicines to you to treat your sleep problems.

Itchy skin

In kidney failure, many toxins accumulate in patients’ body. Some of them can be excreted through their skin and crystallize on skin, which induces itchy skin. Itchy skin annoys patients a lot in night.

In this condition, patients should pay attention to their personal hygiene. Taking a warm bath cleans the toxins on skin. Avoid foods causing toxins accumulation, like foods high in phosphorus.


Patient may feel anxious and helpless about their disease, when they are alone in the night. The emotion makes them more anxious and can’t fall asleep. Patient should talk to their doctor to know their condition better and take active measure to control their disease.

Treating sleep problems and having a good rest are good for their health. If you are suffering the above problems, you can follow above advice or email us for more help

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