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Methods to Alleviate Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure Patients

2014-04-15 20:15| Font Size A A A

Methods to Alleviate Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure PatientsMany Kidney Failure patients suffer from itchy skin. Though it is not a serious complication, it indeed annoys patients a lot. There are some methods to alleviate the symptom.

Some patients suffer it for a while, while others may be bothered all the time. Some patients feel itchy on some parts of their bodies, while some feel itchy in the whole body. Since causes of skin itching are various, there are different solutions for them.

High level of phosphorus

For kidney failure patients, metabolism disturbance phosphorus and calcium may occur. High phosphorus level will trigger skin itching.

In this condition, foods high in phosphorus should be restricted. In addition, phosphorus binder can also be used to lower phosphorus level, which can be taken with meals or snacks.

Dry skin

For kidney failure patients, some changes of sweat glands and oil glands may occur, which can cause dry skin. High osmotic pressure in blood causes fluid to move from skin to blood, which is another cause of dry skin. Dry skin is a common reason of itchy skin.

Patients can take some measures to moisturize their skin, like applying high-water gel, lotion and cream. These products should not be irritant, or it will aggravate itchy skin. If you have little knowledge about them, you can contact our online doctors, who can recommend some safe and effective products to you.


Some patients on dialysis may be allergic to the devices used in the treatment; or they are probably allergic to the product they use everyday; some patients even suddenly develop an allergy to something in their daily life.

For these cases, patients can talk to our on doctors, who can help you identify the allergen.

The above are three common reasons for itchy skin. If you are suffering itchy skin of other reason, you can fill out the table below. We can help you find the cause and solution.

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