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Kidney Failure Treatment without Dialysis

2014-03-23 18:58| Font Size A A A

Apart from dialysis, are there some alternative treatments for kidney failure? It refers to a life-threatening medical condition in which kidneys fail to purify blood as normal. Any interests? Please read on.

Frankly speaking, dialysis can help excrete wastes and toxins out of the blood to a certain degree. However, it can not improve kidney function and there can be some side effects. Besides, a kidney transplantation can also be recommended by the doctors. Unfortunately, many things must be taken into consideration, for instance, a matched kidney, the cost, rejection reaction and so on.

After years of research and experience accumulation, experts in this field have created many effective treatments for kidney failure, here, we will introduce Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in detail.

This natural therapy combines TCM and osmosis devices, but used externally. During the treatment, sufferers just need to lie in bed comfortably, then two bags filled with natural herbs will be placed on kidney lesion. In general, this treatment takes about 45-90minutes each time. In this way, active substances of the herbs can be fully absorbed. What’s more, damage to the gastrointestinal tract can be avoided.

Simply speaking, functions of this treatment can be concluded like this: improve blood circulation, fight against inflammation, block coagulation, provide nutrients for the kidneys as well as stimulate the self-cure ability of renal cells. Gradually, symptoms will be alleviated and kidney function can be enhanced.

In addition, other treatments like enema therapy, full bath therapy, circle therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine therapy can be used to discharge toxins out of the body. But remember, as the condition varies from cases, the herbal formula should be different.

By taking the aforementioned treatments, we belive kidney failure patients can avoid dialysis. Any queries, please email to or consult with our Live Doctor. Thanks for your time!

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