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Is Kidney Transplant the Only Choice for Kidney Failure

2014-03-20 01:59| Font Size A A A

For people with kidney failure, they may be recommended to receive a kidney transplant to prolong their life expectancy. However, is kidney transplant the only choice for kidney failure?

To be honest, this alternative therapy is not the only choice for people with ESRD. And the main reasons are concluded as follows:

1. Appropriate donor This therapy needs to find a matched donor, if not, kidney transplantation should be stopped.

2. Patient-related factors Whether this treatment can be taken is determined by many factors, such as, ages, primary disorders, tumors or complications, etc.

3. Economic foundation It usually cost too much money and bring considerable burden to the family.

4. Allograft rejection Sometimes, there can be strong allograft rejection, which manifests as hematuria, oliguria, anuria, elevated blood pressure, persistent high creatinine level, high fever and so on. In serious condition, the kidney can be removed.

Except for kidney transplantation, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are commonly seen in the treatment for renal failure. However, there are always some side effects and they can only help remove excess wastes and toxins out of the body. What’ s worse, these two methods fail to improve kidney function.

Are there some alternative therapies?

In Chinese medicine, if patients get both effective and prompt treatments, there is still hope to get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant. Here, we mainly introduce people with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

It is a combination of TCM and advanced medical equipments, but applied externally. This natural is easy to be operated, comfortable and free of adverse effects. Most importantly, it focus on repairing the injured renal structures and improving renal function. If you eager to know more about this, please firstly email us the test report Then we will contact you soon.

In addition, other treatment like enema therapy, full bath therapy, acupuncture, etc can also be adopted.

Kidney transplant is not the only choice for kidney failure patients. And the aforementioned treatments are really helpful. Anything unclear, please click here Live Doctor to get an instant help!

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