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Latest Treatments for Stage 4 Kidney Failure without Dialysis

2014-03-15 23:23| Font Size A A A

Normally, when the condition progress into stage 4 kidney failure, dialysis may be needed to expand their life span. Well, the facts are not everyone is willing to undergo this alternative therapy and there are always some side effects.

Fortunately, after years of research and experience accumulation, experienced experts in kidney disease treatment have bring patients with some latest treatments, and the therap gist is to strengthen healthy qi by activating heathy qi, and to eliminate pathogenic factors by drawing out toxin, cleaning toxin, discharging toxin, detoxification and draining toxin. In this way, the treatment goal can be attained, which includes not only strengthening healthy qi and eliminating pathogenic factors, but also tonifying original qi to supplement kidney.

Here, we mainly introduce cycle therapy, hot compress therapy and oral Chinese medicine therapy.

Cycle Therapy This treatment is created on the basis of black hole and big bang, vortex therapy and yin-yang fish. By crushing the Chinese medicines that can draw out toxins, smearing them on different parts of the body according to various diseases, and drawing out different toxins from blood tier with different medicines.

Hot Compress Therapy By applying micro-process medicinals that eliminate toxins and recover original qi on Shenshu acupoints(BL23) externally, the the aim of cleansing toxin can be achieved, with pathogenic toxin removed and original qi restored. In general, the course of treatment may last for 7 to 49 days.

Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy The key of this treatment is to process that invigorate blood and dissolve stasis and take medicines orally to detoxicate. And clinical practices have proven the good efficacy. Besides, the short-term effects include increased urine volume, no ammonia taste in the mouth, increased appetite and so on.

With these effective treatments, joint efforts of doctors and patients, etc, we belive stage 4 kidney failure can be well treated and dialysis avoided. Anything unclear, you can inform us by sending email to or have a nice chat with our Free Online Doctor!

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