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Natural Treatment for Itchy Skin in Renal Failure

2014-02-15 01:17| Font Size A A A

Many patients with renal failure are facing a common problem: itchy skin, which is troublesome. It has heavily affected the life quality of patients. Do you have the same trouble? If you have, please go on reading the following content and I believe that you will gain a lot through the introduction about the natural treatment for itchy skin in renal failure.

Here are some possible casues of itchy skin in renal failure. I think that it is necessary for you to know.

In renal failure, the kidney function is severely damaged. So kidneys are not able to well perform their filtration function. The waste products cannot be discharged by kidneys, so some of them will be discharged through skin, causing itchy skin.

The extra phosphorus level will also lead to itchy skin. Kidneys are also responsible to keep balance of electrolyte by filtering the extra one. Becasue of low kidney function in renal failure, kidneys cannot remove the extra phosphorus, resulting in renal faiure.

Besides, if you are on dilaysis, itchy skin will be more obvious becasue of dehydration.

These are the main causes of itchy skin in renal failure. Of course, the casue differs within people. You can chat with the online doctor for the details.

Since you have known the causes of itchy skin in renal failure, I will provide you the natural treatment.

Let’s get down to business straight away. The natural treatment we recommend is Hot Compress Therapy, the treatment that can improve kidney function by discharging the waste products and adjusting the healthy qi. This is just the solution to itchy skin if you want to treat it completely. Once the kidney function is improved, the kidneys will be able to discharge the extra waste product and keep electolyte balance. Dialysis can also be avoided. If you want to know more about this treatment, such as the price, the operation process, you can ask the online doctor.

There are also other natural treatments for itchy skin in renal failure. The doctor will arrange depending on your own illness condition. If you want to know more, you can send an email to or leave a message below. The kidney doctor will give you a detailed reply!

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