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How to Treat Nausea and Vomit in Renal Failure

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How to Treat Nausea and Vomit in Renal FailureIn renal failure, patients will develop a lot of symptoms. Some symptoms have affected the normal life badly. Nausea and vomit are the common symptoms. Then how to treat nausea and vomit in renal failure?

What are the causes of nausea and vomit in kidney failure?

In kidney failure, kidneys fail to filtrate the toxins, so there are much toxins accumulated in blood. Urea is one of the toxins. The urea will be decomposed in intestinal tract by urease, which will cause stimulation to the intestinal tract, causing nausea and vomit.

Patients with kidney failure are easily attacked by digestive system disease, which will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, causing nausea and vomit. In addition, patients may be required to take a large amount of drugs, such as anti-hypertensive drugs, antilipemic agents, iron supplements and so on. All those drugs will increase the feeling of nausea and vomit.

How to treat nausea and vomit in renal failure?

Dialysis. Dialysis is often used for patients with renal failure. It can help kidney discharge some extra toxins in blood. But dialysis is not the ideal treatment for kidney failure to relieve nausea and vomit because dialysis are not effective to all the toxins in blood. What’s more, long-term dialysis will cause more damage to kidneys. The kidney function will decline more quickly with long-term dialysis.

Hot Compress therapy. This therapy is a natural therapy. It is different from the traditional Chinese medicine, it is externally used. The big advantage of this therapy is that it can not only remove the toxins in blood, but also can improve kidney function. If you want to know the detailed information about this therapy, you can ask the online doctor!

Once the toxins are discharged and kidney function is improved, nausea and vomit will be alleviated.

I believe that you have get some useful information about how to treat nausea and vomit. If you still have questions, you can leave a message below or send me an email to, I will give you a reply in 48 hours!

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